Long-regarded as one of the north’s key music shops, we aim to be open to all types of shopper and as many types of music as we can accommodate within our four walls (if, indeed we can be said to have four walls), selling new releases and re-issues across all genres of music, as well as maintaining a deep and varied back catalogue. We like nothing more than taking recommendations from our customers on music we should have in the shop. If we haven’t got something in our customers want and is possible to get it, then we’ll track it down for you.

Our staff are passionate music fans who love nothing more than talking to other people about the music that they are into. We have the website (that will be re-vamped in summer 2018) and social media so you see our recommendation, shop with us and (virtually) talk to us if you can’t visit, but we’re a physical record shop and like people to come and see us. So if you can….WE’D LOVE TO WELCOME YOU IN OUR SHOP…. CHAT TO THE TEAM OR OTHER CUSTOMERS, have a browse, listen to what we are playing on the shop stereo or our listening posts, relax in the seating area and look at music magazines, maybe grab a coffee and enjoy this most social of music-supporting spaces.